Christoph Sassenberg

IT Professional

Hello. My name is Christoph Sassenberg. I do stuff with computers, mostly around the web. I hold a master's degree and its old hermannic counterpart "Diplom" in computer science, if you are into that sort of thing.

In more than 10 years of commercial software development, I have gained valuable experience in programming, architectures, software development methodologies, and delivering customer value.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so by using "mail" at this very domain name.

You can also find me on:

What I offer

My main body of professional experience is delivering solutions using Ruby, Java or JavaScript. Clojure, Elixir, Rust, Go and TypeScript have come to the mix lately.

In addition to that, I can also help with:

Recent projects & clients

SolarisBank AG

Setting up metrics and logging for Ruby services in the service mesh. Introducing Concourse CI for various continuous integration processes.

AskCharlie GmbH

Bootstrapping of the initial product, training up juniors.

Universal Music GmbH

Ruby data-processing backend for a data-driven art installation in collaboration with Studio TheGreenEyl

Area Technologies Ltd

Implementation of a prototype for having individual phone numbers per offer using the Twilio API.

Skillsmatter Ltd

Re-Launch of the old PHP-based web-site in collaboration with Pivotal Labs


Co-Founded (and shut down) a company that went through the Seedcamp accelerator.

Xplosion Interactive

Implemented a purely browser-based ad-retargeting system and ported a set of flash banners to HTML5, CSS & Javascript.

Electronic Partner

Implementation of a frontend for a queue management system.

Hackathons & fun projects

The G-Beat

Production of a pair of "drumming gloves" at Buzz Jam 2015, where coders and musicians gathered together to create new instruments and experiences.

Citizens Office Of Communcations Safety

Interactive art installation that showed local WiFi traffic themed as an imaginary government organisation. Winning entry to the Digital Sizzle 9: Art Hackathon.


A web app that helped tracking new artist releases on Spotify, back when it was not possible on Spotify.

This Is My Pram

Small webapp to show funny made-up personality traits derived from the number one hit single at the day of your birth. Created at Music Hackday Reykjavik 2012. Now defunkt.


Pure Data sketch to turn body drums into real drums. Notable mention at Music Hack Day Berlin 2011. The presentation video is unavailable, but you can still find the source code on GitHub.